Welcome to GNYPIG

The Greater New York Pen & Ink Group (GNYPIG, yes, it’s pronounced guinea pig) is a friendly, casual group of pen enthusiasts, collectors, aficionados and tinkerers who get together to talk pens and inks, share our collections, and enjoy the camaraderie of the awesome pen community.

Most larger cities have pen clubs or meetup groups, but “pen people” in smaller cities often miss out. We created GNYPIG as a “nomadic” pen club for all the stationery nerds spread across Upstate New York. GNYPIG members can host meetups in their own cities or travel to those nearby – from Buffalo to Albany, Binghamton to Watertown, and anywhere in-between!

Wait a Minute. “Pen People”?!

Yeah, you read that right, and we’re proud to nerd out about all things pens, paper and ink. We bet you can think of a time you’ve swiped adopted a restaurant pen that wrote really well, noticed that a particular model was extra-comfy, or paused seeing someone use a really classy pen. Maybe you learned cursive with a fountain pen in grade school, or have fond memories of handwritten letters from parents or grandparents.

“Pen people” relish the tactile, analog joy of writing with a really great pen. It could be a $3 gel roller or a $3000 hand-made urushi-laquered fountain pen, but the motivation is the same: seek out great writing experiences, and incorporate them into our every-day lives.

Come Join In!

GNYPIG events are casual get-togethers where pen enthusiasts can share their collections, try out new pens, inks and papers, and enjoy the company of friends. It’s free to join; only members can RSVP to GNYPIG meet-ups. Meet-up events are organized by hosts in each city, and most are held potluck-style — so come hungry and thirsty.